Here’s how you USE these videos:

Do Pilates 4-6 times per week - soon we will be in the studio too, for now it’s all right here for you! Pilates has range… from quick daily core, to kick-your-ass workouts, to simple slow STRETCHING and recovery type workouts.

In a week plan to:
- a Daily Core video 2-3x a week (these are 15min or less, do them right BEFORE a lift/gym workout!)
- a Strength video 1-2x per week (depending on how much you are playing)
- a Recovery video 1-2x per week (stretch series style, at night before bed or after gym workout)

In Pilates we talk about the POWERHOUSE.. this is where all your power comes from and what makes you a more effective, precise, stronger, faster, less injured, more resilient and more disciplined successful athlete.

With your upper and lower Powerhouse activated and stronger you will hit and throw further, reduce all chance of injury, have better alignment and body control, improved mental focus, and simply be faster on the field.