Crafting a Life

(Unlined pages = required.)

(Unlined pages = required.)

"I am crafting my life."

I wrote this line in my huge unlined book of life-notes-vision-wild-ideas-and-inspiration... after a conversation with an acupuncture patient.

As I was feeling her pulses and listening, she so clearly owned her journey - past experiences, present feelings and choices which create the future - she said "I am crafting my life" ...and I could hear the accountability and ownership and it was carried by a tone of enthusiasm and passion in her voice.

All the potential. Beauty. Creativity. To craft. As living is an art.

I have been thinking about it ever since. My artistry. And this life. As it unfolds. As I make choices. As I merge intention with staying out of my own way.

Grateful every damn day for my professions... being an acupuncturist and a Pilates instructor. And all the very potent and real moments we share. Inspired on the regular. 

xo, B