How to light yourself up!

 What lights you up?

What does that feel like?

For me, it feels infinite. It feels like being fully present, capable, and genuinely at ease.

I’m sure you have seen and felt this before.

This feeling of lighting yourself up, of being so connected and in tune with your body and the present moment, is not just for Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, or Misty Copeland.

This is for us. Call us “average people” living “average lives” if you want, since we can’t all win gold medals and break world records all the time. But this feeling is for us.

We are beautiful, authentic people, lighting ourselves up all the time. Walking our dogs, working at our desks, cooking dinner, crying with friends, laughing by ourselves, sweating in our workouts - this is for us!

Feeling connected and in-tune with our bodies and our method of movement. Feeling present. Feeling lit up. How do you do this?

That’s totally up to you! It’s a journey and a process. It’s a daily cultivation.

I believe it is that most of all - a daily cultivation of building connection to yourself. Tuning in more often than tuning out. Showing up again and again. Since movement is so much a part of our everyday, as we dance through life and develop physical fitness routines, choose movement that lights you up. Choose movement that feels aligned with your authentic self, that invites you to stay engaged in the present moment.

As you do this, day after day, you create that spark. And when you find your light, you rock it. Everyone can see it.

So what really lights you up? You. You do. All the time. 



The prints I left in the sand that time I walked into the Pacific on my hands. (I came back.)

The prints I left in the sand that time I walked into the Pacific on my hands. (I came back.)