Wounds & Scars

Scars are evidence of how we heal.

Scars are evidence of how we heal.

I work out alone on Sundays as often as I can. Mid-workout I felt something new... I felt like I have more scars than I have open wounds. And this feels important, and amazing. 

We have phases in our lives, like chapters in our book, that involve a lot of time outside of our comfort zones. That involve a lot of time spent being uncomfortable... beautiful and painful, unexpected and obvious, tidy and messy... all those juxtapositions that come along with death and rebirth.

Feelings of being really loved and also really unseen. I know we learn a lot when we are outside of our comfort zone... so yes, I have learned so much and continue to... about myself, my ancestors, my soul, my kids, my choices and free will, my unbecoming, my authentic tribe of friends, how to receive love and how to offer it out, as bold and as bright as I am.

Point being, what have been messy (sometimes oozy) wounds are feeling more like scars. Wounds I survived. Scars I own, chose in a way, honor and respect. Really respect. 

And I get present in my workout and I feel strong. Stronger than ever.

And I'm talking Pilates strong - which isn't about speed or weight or reps... Pilates strong is about an unencumbered, deep power. Ease. Rhythm. Precision. Strength that comes from the deepest place in the deepest center and moves through you. It's an amazing feeling. 

And so I'm reminded... all the work, it is so worth doing. The breaking - so worth the breaking to become who we really are. As painful, challenging, messy, and uncomfortable as it is.

I am worth it. And you are, too.

And "Pilates strong" is a real thing which allows room for the breaking, provides the platform for cultivating, is a reminder of what home and self feel like. It empowers us to love ourselves more deeply so that we can show up more radiant than ever for each other.

Wounds and scars. A perpetual cycle of both it seems like. What a wild ride. Grateful for it all - even though it sometimes hurts. 

xo, B