This Is Yours

Jay Grimes, one of our beloved Pilates elders who worked directly with Joe Pilates, talks about planting the apple seed, and we, as instructors, help to plant the seed. And the client, as the practitioner, doing the work with consistency, diligence, attention, and patience, is responsible for the growth of this seed. 

A seed planted today does not mean an apple picked off the tree tomorrow. Clients would ask Jay, “Well, how long does it take?”  It just takes as long as it takes. For you. “Do the work” he says. Jay, I totally agree.

As instructors we are able to offer the invitation and the opportunity to do this "deep-seeded" work.

Quietly, frequently… you, the practitioner, devote to your process and your growth.

By nature, the work of Pilates is an invitation to look at the essence of your movement. And the most amazing things happen when the way we move in exercise intertwines with the way we move in life!

So this is your work. Your practice. Your seed to love and nurture and grow. And oooohhh it takes some patience!  It really does.

Trust the work, trust your teacher, trust your body, embrace the method, show up again and again and maybe don’t over-analyze the process.

Any living thing, like an apple tree, like your being, requires nurturing, space, time, room, attention, love, discipline, hard work, and kindness.

Your Pilates workout is just like this. Yours to grow, for a lifetime.

xo, B