Winter : Water


Water season is the most ‘yin’, quiet, restorative, and deeply nourishing. It’s a time that sets the foundation for all that we are the rest of the year! We take care of the spine and work the muscles of the backside in every workout, because the integrity of the spine creates integrity in all of our movement.

This is the time of year where we get a little more quiet and work deeper beneath the surface. We have stripped down and let go of the "extra" and what is not necessary to embrace our essence... and this applies to all aspects of our being!

In workouts it’s so good to really feel your form and notice your stomach-to-spine connection. Joseph Pilates said "you are as young as your spine is flexible", and this is what we are cultivating in all of our Pilates workouts. This is what we bring into our everyday lives. Using the core, the powerhouse, we are building complete spine flexibility.

In Chinese medicine, we like to say that there is always yang within yin, and yin within yang (you know, the little black and white dots in the yin/yang symbol?)… the water element and winter time is about finding the stillness within the movement. The essence of our practice. From the more foundational to the most advanced movements, we work deep in this season.