Spring : Wood


Disclaimer: I have to admit, as a creative entrepreneur, wood energy is my jam y’all! I can’t pick a fave element because that’s like choosing a favorite child… but wood element energy is definitely like home to me <3

Spring brings forth in us the energy of a sprout working to emerge. Getting stuck and unstuck. Defining and claiming space for ourselves. Bending and growing with adaptability, tenacity, and creativity. A sprout has to find its way through the darkness of the soil and reach for the light. Wood season is a great time to clarify the visions we have for ourselves and reach toward them - in our movement practice and in all aspects of our lives.

Think about doing things that inspire you… spend time around friends that lift you up and encourage you. It’s the time to get any lingering stagnation from winter moving in the body, and to find length and flexibility in the spine. Think about your internal “spring cleaning.”

For your workouts, I love to focus on movements that create s p a c e in the body, movements that allow you to be agile, flexible, free… It’s the time for side bends, side kick series everyday, twists, and lots of hip love. We are making our way… creating space!

Even though this is especially a focus during the season of wood, remember to always do what helps you feel supported in your growth! Your body will thank you.