Summer : Fire


The energy of a flower in FULL bloom. Big, bright, bold, and joyful. The fire element is all about playfulness! And I mean play! This time of year is all about moving with joy, rhythm, and expansiveness.

The summer brings a new kind of heat and energy, not only in nature, but in our bodies as well. This is the time to celebrate our inner power in all its glory! Let’s do all we can to channel this brightness from within, accessing it on the mat and flowing out into the world with it.

I love to encourage workouts this season to be fun, flowy, sweaty, playful, and often upside down. Think about building back bends and big chest openers. Get expansive! You are taking the strong foundation you’ve been nourishing in the winter and building in the spring, and allowing yourself to get free and have fun with your movements! Embrace a workout that challenges you and gets you sweating.

Your foundation is strong and you carry it with you… now go enjoy the full spectrum of movement this season - it’s time to play!