Late Summer + Harvest : Earth


Late summer, harvest time, is all about the earth element - and is what Chinese medicine philosophy considers our fifth season. This is the energy of grounding into our true center, coming home, feeling nourished, abundant, and supported. During harvest season we transition from the outward brightness - the “yang” of the summer - towards the inward “yin” wisdom and quiet of the winter. This transition is about accessing our inner enoughness… it’s about finding comfort in our roots.

That is why in the Seasonal Mat subscription we choose to give you workouts that focus on knowing and maintaining your frame and connecting to your center during this time of the year. It’s a time to come home to yourself - and your frame is your “home!” The more earthy workouts lead us deeper into connection with our core and alignment… skills that translate into our everyday lives. In the spirit of this transitional time, it’s a great time for your workouts to range from really mindful, meditative, engaged stretches, to challenging progressive workouts with lots of yummy planks!

What we do on the mat is what we do in the world. When we use this earthy season to connect to our center, we become center. With this practice, no other variables along your journey will be able to shake your core!