Autumn : Metal


The letting go of what no longer serves. A time to create space and completely release. This time of year, we come back to what is most essential and most precious in our lives.

In all this releasing, shedding, putting down, and exhaling, we are actually in the process of refining. The more we move our bodies, the more still our mind becomes. I know for myself, this is when the “noise” of life falls away and I’m left with all that is most authentic, precious, and essential within me.

Let’s envision this: the process of precious metals and stones being discovered and polished. During metal time, we get in the flow of this incredible process internally. Like leaves falling from the trees, letting go of what is not completely necessary in the moment and leaving only what is essential.

And just the same, in our workouts during metal season (or a “metal” time in our lives), we focus on the essentials: breath, form, and asking ourselves throughout our workout,

“What is the most efficient way to transition from one exercise to the next?”

This is what brings true precision to our workouts - when we treat the in between as intentionally as we do the exercises themselves, it all becomes one beautiful continuous practice in mindful movement.

Sometimes metal season can seem harsh and cold, but when you take a deeper look, there is so much beauty that comes along with the refinement of this time. We are all about the releasing, the letting go, that comes with this time of year!