The Seasons & Their Flow


Understanding the seasons of life can be an incredible way to practice acceptance, detachment, and gratitude. When we begin to recognize the seasons as representations of the 5 elements, we begin to see their purpose for us! Is this month a grounding month? How can I honor that? It gives us a way to connect - to ourselves, the earth, and others.

Here is a great example:

In spring, people begin to break out of the quiet, restful winter feeling. This is characterized by the wood element. With energy life a sprout, we work to emerge, bend, and grow with resilience. This is the perfect time to make space for our creativity. At CoreSelf we channel this by focusing on our hips and twists, finding transitional fluidity.

Autumn's natural movement is the exact opposite of spring's. Instead of striking out, people start to draw in. Autumn is associated with metal. We hone in on what is most essential and precious. At CoreSelf we use this season to focus on breath work, letting go, and creating space in the spine.

When we recognize and honor the seasons of the year, our bodies naturally get into a flow with them. Using this knowledge of elements and their flow, we can give our bodies exactly what they need, when they need it! This is what we always strive to do at CoreSelf. This isn’t just a workout, it’s a path towards flow.

Each month's exercises will challenge and invigorate you while embodying the element of the season. Because each month’s videos are tailored for the season, your body will naturally be drawn to them. To embrace the flux of the seasons in your workouts is incredibly powerful. Ultimately it allows you to gain a deeper, truer strength and love for the seasons of your body.



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