Your CoreSelf workouts are filmed here, at Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates studio in Asheville. It’s a beautiful studio… lively and welcoming. Clasique is truly a place of learning, nourishment and movement. There’s a team of excellent instructors and Brooke teaches Pilates seminars on the regular (maybe you can come someday, we’d love to have you!).

The videos below offer you a taste of the tone and structure of our workouts. Get a feel and then become a subscriber where you have access to all sorts of awesome Pilates workouts.


Sample Vids:

Pilates Form Fundamental - What it’s all about

Seasonal Workout Style - Inspired by the 5 seasons of Classical Chinese Medicine


Arm Weight Series - connect to your upper powerhouse

Standing Footwork - 2x4 & Chisel Basics