“I was blessed to start with CoreSelf in February, so about 6 months ago, and it has completely changed my life. CoreSelf is the Secret Sauce to aging! It basically has given me a working body back, at 59 I stand taller, straighter then my much younger co workers, walking with purpose resulting in people treating me with greater respect. Brooke has such an amazing understanding of the anatomy, talking through the movements so that the user gets it and feels it in the correct area, she really wants you to do correctly.  Chisel is a game changer, it targets areas of previous injury and am gaining strength now where I just did not think it was possible. The classes are comprehensive, covering the entire body, no part is left out. Brooke's enthusiasm is absolutely contagious, she cares about the student, the viewer and wants with all her heart for us to succeed. Rising at 4:30AM to participate in a CoreSelf class is the best gift I give to myself. Thank you Brooke, you are so awesome, keep it rolling.”
~ ELLEN, Monthly Subscriber since February ‘19


What's the format of the workouts?

All CoreSelf workouts are led by Brooke Tyler, athlete, Classical Pilates instructor, teacher-trainer, and (surprise!) acupuncturist and herbalist.

Each month as a subscriber, you'll receive up to seven new Pilates mat workouts. The intensity and length of the workouts vary; this variation lets you stay engaged and works different aspects of your body.

You'll have access to each month's workouts for three months.

Because we aim to keep the workouts relevant to the energetic vibe of the season, your previous month's workouts will fall away after three months.

What makes CoreSelf's workouts unique?

Brooke Tyler's work as an acupuncturist and a Pilates instructor means that she has come into contact with many people's injuries and fitness goals, and that her understanding of the human body is deep and nuanced as a result. This understanding is reflected in her teaching style. 


Chinese medicine - closely related to Daoist philosophy -  is a sophisticated, elegant understanding of an individual's body in the present moment. And while there are many differences in each individual, there's also the understanding that certain universals apply to all bodies - that we're all affected by the rhythm of the seasons and our environments. 

Through CoreSelf, Brooke integrates these universals into her monthly workouts in specific ways. The CoreSelf workout calendar is divided into seasons, with exercises appropriate for that season delivered each month.

What's an example of "seasonal content?"


In spring, for example,  when people begin to break out of the quiet, restful winter feeling, the CoreSelf focus is on the hips, twists, and finding transitional fluidity. Autumn's natural movement is the exact opposite of spring's. Instead of striking out, people start to draw in. CoreSelf's focus in autumn is on breath work, holding on and letting go, and creating space in the spine.

Regardless of the season, each month's exercises will challenge and invigorate you. We believe that because they are tailored for the season, your body will naturally be drawn to them. To embrace the flux of the seasons in your workouts is incredibly powerful, and ultimately allows you to gain a deeper, truer strength.

(Yes, we hear you, Southern Hemisphere! Work with us for now, and soon you’ll have a page that matches your seasonal timing.)