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Email us requesting a unique coupon code and we will create one for you within 5 business days. Pass this coupon code along to any of your friends and family however you like - email it around, post it on your social media, shout it from the rooftops!

Upon subscribing to CoreSelf, new subscribers must enter your coupon code on the check out screen. They will receive a one time $10 off of their first monthly or annual payment automatically (their first payment will be charged after completion of their free 7-day trial). And YOU will receive a one time $10 rebate through your current active subscription for every new subscriber who makes their first payment using your unique coupon code!

New subscribers MUST complete their free 7-day trial and make at least one payment in order for you to get a rebate. All participants with their own unique coupon codes must have an active subscription in order to benefit from this offer. Rebates may take up to 45 days after the coupon user’s first payment to fully process (though it will likely be much faster than that;).

The number of rebates you receive is unlimited, however the total amount of rebates you receive must not exceed the total cumulative amount that you have paid for your own current CoreSelf subscription.

We triple-dog-dare you to try, though ;)