Tier 1 - Feel It

$38 Monthly Subscription.

$360 Annual Subscription.

Feel It gives you tips on form and fun variations, so you can find and feel the deep core work that helps you connect with your true core self, and move with ease. 

Each month you will receive 6 new videos plus bonus material:

  • Form Fundamentals Mat workout
  • Intermediate Sequence Mat workout
  • Advanced Flow Mat workout
  • Quick Stomach Series Mat workout
  • Chisel™ Pilates workout
  • Pilates Form Tips
  • Bonus video - Pilates "off the mat"

Need more info about Tier 1?

Head over to How It Works for the juicy details of... how it works! And be sure to try it out for yourself!


New Tiers, Coming Soon!


Tier 2 - Be It

Be It adds additional workouts which focus on guiding you to integrate the Pilates work into life "off the mat," leading you to a deeper experience of your core strength.

Here you'll find a "whole person" approach to living, inspiring you to walk your path grounded, uplifted, radiant.

  • More Mat classes, Chisel classes, and Teaching Tips.
  • Studio Apparatus classes for you to follow at home or in the studio.
  • Extra guidance on Chinese Medicine self-care for everyday whole health.

Tier 3 - Embody It

Dive deep into exercise, movement, and healing with Brooke in this one-on-one, customized, six-month program.

Embody It explores the many facets of integrated fitness, and will receive individualized recommendations to refine and integrate your Pilates and self-care practices.

  • Designed for people seeking guidance and depth in their wellness journeys.
  • For established practitioners of any healing modality.
  • Blend of phone calls and virtual meetings.