Inspiring connection, embodiment, and devotion to the self through mindful movement.

Devote Yourself

to Mindful Movement


$38 Monthly Subscription // $360 Annual Subscription

Both subscriptions start with a FREE 7-day trial!

Seasonal Mat Subscription

Our Seasonal Mat Subscription gives you great workouts relevant to the season, including tips on form and fun variations, so you can find and feel the deep core work that helps you connect with your true core self, and move with ease. 

Each month you will receive 6 new videos plus bonus material:

  • Form Fundamentals Mat workout

  • Intermediate Sequence Mat workout

  • Advanced Flow Mat workout

  • Quick Stomach Series Mat workout

  • Chisel™ Pilates workout

  • Pilates Form Tips

  • Bonus “treat” - instructor’s choice!


Currently, Brooke is the consulting Pilates Instructor to the 2018 WNBA Champs the Seattle Storm, as well as other individual players in the WNBA.

Brooke creates custom workout plans for sports teams as well as individual athletes - both elite and avid - of all types! She will work with you on your specific needs and goals to achieve excellence in any athletic endeavor through a customized subscription package.


Working with athletes is one of Brooke’s passions! If you are an athlete or athletic trainer interested in working with Brooke, contact us!

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Wunda Chair Subscription!

With our Wunda Chair Subscription, Brooke will lead you through challenging full-hour Wunda Chair workouts that leave you feeling like a super hero!

Great for devoted practitioners and Pilates instructors who have a Wunda Chair. This subscription brings you challenging, effective, and dynamic workouts on the chair full of variations and modifications to suit any body. Full of form tips and cues that you can apply to your own workout as well as bring into your instruction! Regardless of your training or your brand of chair, these workouts will inspire you.

Single Classes

We offer a few classes for individual purchase. Try these to get a taste of the full subscription, or in addition to it! These classes never expire - purchase once and press play as many times as you like!