Pilates Philosophy


Sharing some of the classical Pilates philosophy with you Sue!
Because knowing the “why” empowers the “how.”

I want to share with you what I refer to in my teaching as the 4 Foundations of Movement:
- Frame - what is your frame, where are you in space, how can you maintain your sense of frame and alignment as you change planes and move with power, agility, speed, and freedom.
- Powerhouse - mmmhmmm not just ‘abs’ as you have found out.
- Opposition - engaging your body to move and work in more than one direction... putting this concept into action is HUGELY important… especially in preventing injury and strain pain patterns.
- Flexibility - how it all comes together with a flexible spine in all the directions.

All of these principles are present in how Pilates lights up all the ways we move, play, perform, train and show up in the world.
As always, loving working with you!

xo, B