Here’s a deeper peek into CoreSelf's energy...

It's all fine and good for us to say what a CoreSelf workout feels like, but we want you to feel it for yourself. The mat workouts are filmed at Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC. It’s a warm, welcoming, lively and healing place… the filmed mat videos are candid and real and meet you right where you are.

The videos below offer you a taste of the tone and structure of our workouts. How It Works lays out the nitty-gritty details, and when you're ready: join us!


Sample Vids:

Pilates Form Fundamental - What it’s all about

Seasonal Workout Style - Inspired by the 5 seasons of Classical Chinese Medicine


Arm Weight Series - connect to your upper powerhouse

Standing Footwork - 2x4 & Chisel Basics


“CoreSelf has allowed me to bring my pilates workout into my daily life. Whether I have time for a longer workout or just a short 15-minute session, the variety and flexible of CoreSelf works for my busy schedule.”

--subscriber since May 2018--