UNCA Women’s Basketball

Ready to find your core strength and become a more powerful and efficient athlete?!

This is your custom Pilates workout site, suited to your training and performance as a college athlete. A regular Pilates mat practice as provided here on CoreSelf will help you build strength, flexibility, and core connection.

As a college athlete you will play with more precision and power, train more effectively, prevent injury, and feel better throughout your competitive season.

Let’s dive in!


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Building Your Practice


Do these workouts to ensure you have the best form and alignment.
THIS content will rotate as your connection with the work and your awareness in your body evolves. This is where I put videos that help you understand WHY you are doing this and HOW the Pilates work translates to your sport (and in everyday life).


Daily Core


Pilates is a daily practice. These workouts are designed to be short & sweet, clear & concise, and will bring the mind to the body and activate your core for the day. Great pre weight room workout, pre practice, even pre game, and even just to get moving each morning.


Strength Training


Work work work work work… it’s about building strength in the entire body, AND really building strength in a greater range of motion.
These workouts will challenge your strength, balance, coordination, alignment as you move with both tempo and control.


Recovery and TLC


STRETCH. Because some days we need to slow it down, focus on breathing, add in more stretches, and take the time to work on our flexibility. Excellent for RECOVERY, to still move on rest days when you’re sore and tight, and to build overall mindbody connection and greater flexibility.