Welcome Team USA

So happy to be teaching you all about core connection and working out in a way that builds you up rather than breaks you down. Pilates is like that, it’s both nourishing and challenging. And the strength you build throughout these workouts translates into all the ways in which you train, compete and move.

This workouts on this National Team site are categorized into three sections so you can schedule them into your training and competition schedule. As you vary up the type of workout and the length of workout, you’ll find you get the most return if you do Pilates mat work a minimum of 4x a week… and even daily (because you have a couple Recovery workouts for more mellow moving rest days)!

I recommend you bookmark or “add to home screen” on your phone and this site will be easy to access at any time.

As you dive in and get curious, feel free to reach out to learn more… and even make comments on which workouts you love, or where you have questions.

Thank you for being here! Go USA!
xo, Brooke

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