Inspiring connection, embodiment, and devotion to the self through mindful movement.

Fresh Classical Pilates videos with a seasonal vibe delivered to you monthly.

Led by Brooke Tyler, Pilates teacher-trainer and licensed acupuncturist.


Does exercise light you up?

Does it light you up or are you muscling through, numbing out, pushing yourself through something that you don't really like? Something that ceases to be a part of your life when you've finished working out? 

Or is it a part of how you move through the world? That's the power of Pilates; it can rewrite the terms of your movement - in your body and in your life.

When your Pilates workout becomes part of the way you move even when you're off the mat,  this is integration; this is embodiment.  And it's super powerful.

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About Brooke Tyler

One of my favorite parts about teaching is to help you figure out how to listen to your body’s language, to decipher what it’s telling you.

After my years of practicing and teaching, I can promise you this: you are stronger than you ever imagined and, with this work, you can astonish yourself.

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